Splish and get splashed | The App you always wanted!
Splish - Your Friends. Your Content. Nothing else.
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Your Friends.
Your Content.
Nothing Else.

Share and receive relevant
stuff with relevant people

Coming Soon!

Splish – The First
Social Messenger

What is a Social Messenger?
It is a private messenger, with the possibility to share Splishes: photos, videos and more with your friends. If they like it, they can share it with their friends, Splash! …or Bash it ;P
Your content will only reach people who will really want to see it, because who knows better what makes you laugh than your best mates?


Direct messaging without a content flood. Only see what you and your friends like!


Good content can spread and become the next internet phenomenon!


It never been that easy and fun to share your best daily moments with your friends!


We’re sure you’re a fascinating person, but we’re really not interested in your personal data. We don’t collect and we definitely don’t share anything with third parties!


Jonas Keinholz

Resident Geek

Anne-Marie Keglmaier, MD

Social Media Junkie

Ronnit Wilmersdörffer, MD

Project Whip

Florian Podszus

Photoshop Phillip

Jonas is in charge of app development, back-end development and technical maintenance.

Jonas likes playing ultimate frisbee and online chess.

Jonas has done webdevelopment for several start-ups in the private and non-profit sector on projects regarding file-sharing, content platforms and editors.

Anne-Marie came up with the idea for Splish and is in charge of marketing strategy.

She’s into kite surfing and always on her phone sharing stuff with her kiting friends from around the globe.

Anne-Marie has previously created marketing concepts for start-ups in the beverage industry and a major client in the sports clothing sector.

Ronnit took charge of turning Splish into an enterprise. She is taking care of business administration and project management.

She enjoys most kinds of physical, social and cultural activities. And also, kittens. Kittens are the best.

Ronnit is acting as CFO and board member for a non-profit organisation. She also does project management for the same NGO.

Florian is resposible for Ui/UX design, web design, CI and photography for Splish.

He is also a great musician and producer.

Florian has in the past worked as a hired gun for webdesign in a multimedia agency  and staged several exhibitions of his photography art.

Mathematik (BSc), Informatik (BSc) Technische Universität München, 2015

Informatik (MSc) Technische Universität München, 2015

Marketing & Communitcations (BA) International School of Management 2015

Tourismus & Eventmanagement (BA)

International School of Management 2015

Kommunikationsdesign (BA)

Hochschule Augsburg 2016

is available for: