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Splish Flower

We Your Website!

Webdesign &

Hi, we’re Splish, a Munich-based web agency.
We will create bespoke web apps,
websites and mobile Apps to suit your needs.
Get in touch!


_01 What We Offer

Custom Design

Let us sit together and develop a unique style for for your exact needs. If you need all little help to come up with ideas or inspiration, no problem, we will work something out for you!

Full Service

Of course we want the website be exactly as you like! If there is a problem with anything, even after we delivered the website/app to you, we help you with anything that might come up! Just write to us or call!

Web Hosting

If you have trouble setting up the server, getting that webspace or simply doesn't want to deal with getting the stuff online, we can do it for you!



_02 See Some Of Our Work!

Shorepower Consulting Website Mock Up
Anja Weber Website Mock-Up

About Us

_03 Who, What, Why!

Who we are

Splish is a team of three young entrepreneurs from the areas of IT, Design and Business Administration.
We have decided to team up to combine our talents and passions to everyone’s benefit.

What we do

We build websites and web apps for hire that look and feel awesome.
Meanwhile we are working on technology to improve our own workflow and client collaboration.
Check out our joint venture project ORY Editor on github: https://github.com/ory/editor

Why we do it

Technology is omnipresent. We believe that style, usability and serviceability should be a standard,
not a luxury in this domain; between us, we have what it takes to make this expectation a reality.


_04 Meet The Team!

Jonas Keinholz


Jonas is in charge of app development, back-end development and technical maintenance.

Ronnit Wilmersdörffer

Business Admin

Ronnit took charge of turning Splish into an enterprise. She is taking care of business administration and project management.

Florian Podszus


Florian is responsible for Ui/UX design, web design, CI and photography for Splish.

Contact Us!

Get in touch with us

Let us talk about what exactly you need and we’ll make an offer you can’t refuse! 😉